When you are an athlete you are going to probably have muscle cramps at some point in your life.  Muscle cramps are going to happen to most of the athletes that are in training.  When you are dealing with muscle cramps you are going to experience some pain.  The explanation of what muscle cramps are is considered to be the time when they begin to tighten involuntary.  They can make you end a good workout or training session, as you will need time to work out the cramp.  You should think about a few healthy habits to prevent muscle cramps from happening to you.

There is no real way of knowing what causes muscles to cramp.  The first thing that you can do to prevent this is to warm up at the beginning of your workouts.  You will want to stretch out as much as you can and do a little bit of lifting to prepare your muscles for what you have in store for them in your day’s routine.  This is also going to help you prevent other injuries as well.  Once you have your muscles warmed up, the will start to expand and contract for you better during your training or workouts and this will help to prevent muscle cramps.

You should warm up slower and move your way up as you go.  The harder and more physical your activity, the more that you should stretch out and get warmed up before you start.    Any athlete that is returning to the sport from an injury should be aware that they are more prone to muscle cramps just like beginners are.  You will have to build up the intensity to help make more muscle mass faster.   You do not want to over do if you are a beginner.  You need to take time in between workouts to rest.

You need to keep your muscles and the rest of your body well hydrated. This means that you should take in a lot of water before, during and after your weight training or workout.  Your body needs to have more water before you feel yourself getting thirsty.  You need to drink at intervals and if you are out in the sun or doing something that is making you sweat, you need to avoid water poisoning.  If you drink some of the good sports drinks, this can help you to replenish all the nutrients that your body is losing.  The loss of these nutrients may cause your muscles to spasm and cramp up.

If you would happen to get a muscle cramp, it is normal and there is no cause for getting excited.  It will probably go away in only a few minutes but you may notice that it is sore for a little while longer.  Stop what you are doing and gently stretch out and massage the muscle until it is no longer cramping.  You can try to apply heat to relax the muscle and if you are sore, a cold compress will help your muscles heal.  If you notice that your cramps become routine or do not let up for long periods of time, you should see your physician.   You may just want to do this to make sure that your body is in good condition and working properly.


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